Jefferson County

Jefferson County government website

Population (2006): 18,848
Area: 536 square miles
Population density: 35 per sq mi
County History

Detailed information is available from the River Inventory for Jefferson County

Perry - River Mile 65 

Population size: 852
Square miles: 0.78
Population density: equivalent to 1,092 people per sq mi

Watershed: Lower Kansas River HUC number 10270104 and
Delaware River HUC number 10270103

Boat access points: Perry-Lecompton Rising Sun at river mile 64.3
Bridges over Kaw: Lecompton Rd. at river mile 64.3

Dredge sites/off river pit mines: There are no in-river dredge permits or off river pit mines near the Kaw in Jefferson County.

Wastewater treatment: Perry WWTP (Pop. served: 864)
Water source: Perry reservoir and groundwater wells

Water Discharge Permits
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