Geary County

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Map Key: Geary County is outlined in purple and the portion of the Upper Kansas River Watershed in Geary County is shaded in red

Population (2000): 62,843
Square miles: 610
Population density: 103 per sq mi
County History

Detailed information is available from the River Inventory for
Geary County

Junction City - River Mile 173

Junction City government website
Population size (2008): 20,671
Square miles: 7.55
Population density: 2,738 people per sq mi

Upper Kansas River Watershed HUC 10270101

Boat access points: Junction City, Grant Park on the Republican River near river mile 17

Bridges over Kaw: Henry Bridge in Fort Riley at river mile171.5

Dredge sites/off river pit mines: There are no in-river dredge sites or off river pit mines near the Kaw in Geary County.

Wastewater treatment: Junction City WWTP (Pop. served: 15,662); Junction City SW WWTP (Pop. served: 2,000)
Water sources: Groundwater from the Republican River alluvial aquifer (water treatment information)

Water Discharge Permits
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