Slideshow and Video Help

Throughout the website we use Google's Picasa Webalbums and YouTube for slideshows and videos. You will see many of them embedded in pages; you will be directed to our Picasa public gallery for the Friends of the Kaw when you click on the Photo Gallery link in the sidebar.

The page below from the Kids 4 the Kaw website has both a YouTube video (on top) and a Picasa slideshow (below).

You can start the YouTube video by clicking on the > symbol on the bottom left corner of the frame. It may take a few minutes to load the video, depending on the speed of your connection--you can see how much has downloaded by the red color in the bar at the bottom of the frame. If you have a slow connection let it load for a few minutes before you click the arrow to start it. Also, make sure your computer has the sound turned on. You can go to the YouTube website to view the video by clicking on the "YouTube" logo in the lower right hand corner. Be aware, however, that FOK does not control the other videos on YouTube if you use this link. You can also go directly to the Friends of the Kaw YouTube channel

Most of the slideshows will require you to start them, we usually don't turn on the "auto play" command. If you click on the big green arrow in the center you will be taken to the Picasa webalbum website. You can start the slideshow on our website by hovering your mouse over the bottom of the frame until a toolbar appears, then clicking on the forward arrow.

If you go to the Picasa webalbum  website you have lots of options. We post photo albums of our float trips on our public gallery which can be accessed from the link on the left hand sidebar or by clicking here

Double click on the album of your choice (click the photo on the thumbnail) and this will open up the album.

You can view the photos individually by clicking on them or you can click on the "slideshow" icon above the photo in the upper left corner--this will expand it out into a full screen slideshow. The toolbar on the bottom will pop-up if you hover over the bottom of the slide, this toolbar will allow you to speed up or slow down the speed of advancement (that's the + and - buttons next to the number of seconds that the slide is on the screen). If you want to manually advance the slides make this number big (like 10 seconds) and you can control the advancement yourself. You can use the X to stop the slideshow and go back to the album.

We will be happy to post photos taken during FOK floats and events and encourage you to contact us so that we can add your photos to our public gallery. We ask that photos of people in boats portray safe practices (everyone wears a PFD on FOK floats, no alcohol, no inappropriate roughhousing, and so on) since we want to be good role models for younger members.

For more help with Picasa web albums please click here and go to the Picasa help page. If you have problems with our videos or slideshows please Contact Us and let us know how to improve things for our viewers.

Hope this little guide helps to make things fun and interesting.


Friends of the Kaw Science Advisor