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Check water level

The first iframe allows you to access the United State Geological Service (USGS) WaterWatch website directly without leaving our website. Navigate in the WaterWatch website the same way you would if you visited their site. You can also go to WaterWatch by clicking here. If you scroll over the dots on the map you can see the discharge rate in the pop up bubble. Or you can look at the color of the marker; green is normal flow, yellow-red are low flows, and blue-black are high flows.

The second iframe takes to to the USGS Real-Time Data for Kansas Streamflow (or click on this link.) Scroll down and click on the river section that you are interested in and you can view a graph of the current discharge in cubic feet per second (cfs) and a graph of the gage height in feet. Friends of the Kaw recommends that novice boaters stay off the river when the discharge is above 5,000 cfs. Above 10,000 cfs most of the sand bars are under water. You can also click on the National Weather Service Flood Forecast and see  a hydrograph of predicted river levels.