By becoming a member of Friends of the Kaw you support the protection and preservation of the Kansas (Kaw) River. The Kaw is a major source of drinking water for northeast Kansas and home to a wide variety of plants and animals whose habitat needs protection. We consider the Kaw a 171 mile water park and promote safe recreation and convenient access to this recreational treasure.  Renewing membership dues are $35 per year but we do have an introductory special of $15 for new members only - note this on a membership form that you download or via PayPal.

As a member you will receive our bi-annual newsletter "Kansas River Currents" (either by snail mail or email) to inform you of float trips, volunteer opportunities, current advocacy campaigns and other related events and news. You also may sign up to receive our email newsletter several times a month from the Kansas Riverkeeper. Members are always welcome to join scheduled float trips on the Kaw and we can rent you a canoe (if any are available) or you are welcome to bring your own boats.

We also encourage members to suggest organizations that may be interested in hearing a presentation on the Kansas River and help put us in contact with the leaders of those organizations.  In the past we have presented to church groups, civic groups, youth groups and other nonprofits.  We would like to share our new community mapping program with as many groups as possible - this information will be integrated into Friends of the Kaw's River Inventory.  If you have any suggestions for potential speaking engagements please contact our Riverkeeper.

Membership helps to support the Kansas Riverkeeper, a non-governmental advocate who holds the community accountable for the health and condition of the Kaw.   Friends of the Kaw has been very successful in writing grants, however those funds are committed to specific projects and cannot be used pay to the Riverkeeper for the time she spends conducting her enforcement activities.  We are asking you to give what you can and help us keep the Riverkeeper investigating polluters, patrolling the Kansas River and most importantly educating people about the wonderful opportunities a clean Kansas River brings to the citizens of Kansas.  Making a tax-deductable charitable donation to Friends of the Kaw is easy.  You can join Friends of the Kaw via this web site by sending a donation via the Donate button on the top right corner or our home page, or by downloading the membership form at the bottom of this page, fill it out, write your check and send it in.

Friends of the Kaw is a not-for-profit organization so your contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Laura Calwell,
Mar 28, 2010, 1:04 PM