Economic Impacts

Name price of sand ($/ton) transportation cost ($/mile) source of sand Notes
Holliday avg 12.65 done off map pipeline on Kaw can get just from 1 source
Kaw Valley Co. wet 12, dry 36 N/A pit mines and 1 dredge in Kaw can get just from 1 source
Mid America Sand

sand from MO, man-made well
Penny's Concrete Inc

message 7/19 w/ Mr. Bill Penny
Missouri Sand/Dirt Man
Sunflower Quarry (Martin Marietta)
17.78 where from?
crushed limestone avg 12.05

min. rate of 3.40/ton

quarry in Argentine, Kansas
message 7/19, Tues-Fri 9-5

(the following obtain sand outside of Kaw and/or probably retail)

The House of Rocks 34 where from?


message 7/19
Quality Aggregates

sand from Mid America Sand
Canfield & Joseph, Inc

sand bags obtained outside of KS
Trent Materials

retail, sand from Holliday quarry
Bsc Holding Inc

sand/gravel from Illinois
Johnson County Building Material

message 7/19
Lakeview Nursery big 79, small 81 N/A N/A retail
Quality Sand & Material Co Inc

sand from MO River
Phillips Sand & Sanding Services retail 30 flat rate of $85/day thinks it's from quarry