We are about Clean Water and Healthy Rivers!

Quality of Life.  We are about quality of life. Clean water improves the quality of your life. You can drink it. You can bath in it. You can brush your teeth with it. Fish and fishing are better in a healthy, non-polluted river.  Canoeing and swimming are more fun on a clean, healthy stream.  Hunting is better in a river eco-system that supports healthy wildlife from the bottom of the food chain up. A clean, healthy river serves as a source of local pride and community activity.

The Future.  Friends of the Kaw (FOK) is about improving the quality of life for people in the Kansas River (the Kaw) valley today and tomorrow.  We work hard to promote our mission to protect and preserve the Kansas River for present and future generations. 

Hard Work. We are about the hard work of eliminating pollution from the Kaw, of building new river access parks and wide concrete ramps for boaters and people who fish and recreate, of cleaning up trash and pollution, of education that promotes safe, healthy, economic and perpetual use of this valuable public resource.

Rewards.  We are about the rewards of clean water and healthy river eco-systems.  When an eagle glides over a canoe, when a fisherman hooks the biggest catfish in the river and knows it's safe to eat, when a city's water intakes and a farmer's fields are not threatened by upstream dredging, when the city downstream knows the outfall from the sewage treatment plant of the city upstream is clean, when friends on a riverbank gaze at a golden sunset above a beautiful Kansas landscape, when our communities can point to the river as a local place of pride and not a place to rid ourselves of the unwanted byproducts of society, these are the times when we reap our rewards and and take pride in our hard work.